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Is An eReader Sleeve Right For You?

If you are familiar with sleeve products, then you can skip reading this. However, if you are looking for your first eReader sleeve then here are a couple considerations.

An eReader sleeve is a perfect solution if you want an eReader case that will protect your eReader from getting wet. Sleeves are made from neoprene, which is the same material used in wet suits.

An eReader sleeve will also provide your product protection from a drop or ding. Neoprene is rubbery and will soften the blow if you drop your eReader.

If you want fancy colors like neon or pink, you will find lots of selection of eReader sleeve products. When it comes to a colorful eReader case, a sleeve is the perfect choice for you!

In addition to all the above benefits, an eReader sleeve is about the slimmest solution for protecting and covering your eReader. They often have an outer pouch for additional storage. Overall, an eReader sleeve is a slim and slender cover solution.

eReader Sleeve Photos

Here is a sample of current eReader sleeve products that are available to you. The eReader market is relatively new, so expect there to be a lot more selection in 2010.


Fancy Colors? Shop eReader Sleeves

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Slim Neoprene eReader Sleeves

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Popular Pink eReader Sleeve

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