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#1 Amazon Kindle or #2 Nook Color

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Amazon Kindle

Nook Color


March 24, 2011 – We have two best eReader 2011 models that you should look at. As listed here already you see the Amazon Kindle eReader at being the best eReader 2011. With that said, we think you should also strongly look at the Nook Color eReader. We will be posting the spec and details for you in the coming weeks.

Right now as we reach mid 2011, there is one definitive winner as the best eReader. The eReader out there that does exactly what you want and won’t empty your pocket to do it. It’s an obvious answer one we tell you.

The #1 Best eReader Is:

Amazon Kindle eReader

(based on 2,213 customer reviews)

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The fact is, the Amazon ereader is the current best selling item on which should tell you something. Straight up reading ebooks, the Amazon Kindle is simply the top dog. I’m sure heading into the holiday season of 2010 there will be some other worthy entries for the best ereader, but for now, be assured that the Amazon eReader current new model is the best out there.

Strong points are cheap price, e-ink technology which lets you read in direct sunlight, extremely light so holding for long periods of time is possible, amazing selection of ebooks and amazing long battery life. Some might also look at the huge variety of Kindle covers as being another real bonus as being a Kindle owner. You can really personalize and customize the look of the Amazon ereader.



The #2 Best eReader Is:

Nook Color

(based on 128 customer reviews)

nook color best ereader 2011

If you are looking for a more premium priced ereader, the color nook is certainly a fantastic choice. We include this as one of the best 2011 ereader models because it’s more functional that your typical ereader. It doesn’t utilize e-ink such as the Amazon Kindle ereader, but it does however give you color. This means slightly more reflective, but again you may enjoy magazines and surfing the web more enjoyable on a Nook Color. The Nook Color is quite a bit heavier than the Amazon Kindle so it’s not as nice to hold over really long periods of time. The Amazon Kindle is about 9 ounces compared to 1lb for the Nook Color. The Nook Color because of the LCD screen lets you read in the dark if you so choose. Low light environments are no problem for the Nook Color.

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Best eReader 2011

Size is just part of the best ereader out there. The Amazon Kindle ereader is this thin! It has superior battery life of up to 4 weeks! It works better than ever in direct sunlight!