Best eReader 2014 Edition – Top E-Readers of 2014 Comparison

The market for eReaders with e-ink technology has been blowing up ever since Amazon’s release of the first Kindle in 2007. Though Amazon is most assuredly taking the lead in the eReader market, there are plenty of options for the tech-savvy book lover out there. E-ink eReaders were so popular because they were the first […]

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Kobo Aura H20 ereader leaked. Release date Fall 2014.

The epic technology leaker @evleaks is tweeting that a new Kobo ereader, the Aura H20 is coming this fall. That’s all we have for now! [source: @evleaks]

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Focused on the best e-reader not the cheapest e-reader

We are switching our focus with the site. We’ve been dedicated to cheap ereader deals and buying options. One thing has become quite clear in 2012, ereaders are cheap! It really doesn’t matter which brand you’re shopping for, they will be priced in and around $100. In other words directing you to the best deals […]

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$69 Kindle – Cheapest and best ereader on the market

We’ve seen a big announcement from Amazon. The Kindle with ads will now be $69. Order today and it ships September 14. That’s a price drop of $10 for those trying to keep track.

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Kindle paperwhite is the new Amazon ereader

Amazon just unveiled the Kindle paperwhite. It has 8 weeks of battery life even with the light on! We are just getting details and will update! It’s 9.1 mm thick and 7.5 ounces. It has a higher resolution of  212 ppi. I’m sure you care about the price. The Kindle paperwhite price is $119 and […]

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Color eReaders coming from Amazon says Digitimes

Been waiting for a color ereader? You’re not the only one. Yes tablets are quite fancy indeed but what they lack is the readability and the battery life of weeks, not hours. So we just hear today from Digitimes that a color ereader from Amazon is coming in 2H12. Can you believe rumors? We think […]

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Ebook pricing about to get cheaper, but how low will they go?

There is a fantastic article slash commentary up on CNET today regarding the ebook pricing that’s about to change again. Yes in case you missed it the US government is taking an anti-trust lawsuit to Apple and a few big name book publishers. The end result is that ebook pricing which has been as high […]

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color ereader

JetBook Color eReader – Not cheap but it is one of the best

We know that color ereaders haven’t emerged as much as we would have liked in 2012 so far. Blame tablets. The difference between a color ereader and a tablet is essentially a matter of battery life and readability especially outdoors. The JetBook Color ereader is impressive but doesn’t come cheap at $499. The Ectaco jetBook […]

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Amazon and the ebook pricing battle

Apple and some main publishers are heading to court over allegations of price fixing. Some of the comments regarding this story suggest that the concern is an monopoly on ebooks. Before the Apple pricing accusations or agreements went into place, Amazon had a 90% market share of ebooks. Many players in this industry suggest […]

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How about cheap ebooks to go with your cheap ereader?

If you haven’t been watching the news headlines, let us give you a breakdown on what’s happening in the world of ebooks. We can tell you based on what’s happening in the courts, you can expect to see those $9.99 ebooks from in the near future. Apple is being accused, along with some of […]

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